What is it?

The Cricut is an electronic cutting and drawing machine. Designs created on your computer can be cut or drawn into material such as paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and more. The library will provide reusable resources such as basic blads, tools, and mats. Patrons will need to provide their own consumables such as paper, vinyl, fabric, etc.

How can I use it?

Patrons are required to take a tutorial about the Cricut and pass the quizzes with 100% sucess to use the Cricut. This can be done at home by clicking on the following link or will be provided at the library.

Cricut Tutorial and Quizzes

The Cricut is availabe on a first come, first serve basis unless previously reserved. The cricut can be reserved up to one week in advance. Reservations can be made over the phone.  If patrons need assistance from staff they are rquired to make an appointment for instructional time. For more information see the Cricut Use Policy.

Cricut Use Policy

Cricut Instruction Sheet

What is Cricut Access?

When logging into Design Space, the West Point Library's account does have a subscirption to Cricut Access. Cricut Access is a subscription to an image library of 130000+ images, 1000s of read-to-make projects, and 500+ fonts. You are also able to make your own Cricut Access account, which will allow you to save your projects and design things at home, before coming in to cut them out. However, you will not have access to all the free images and fonts.